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A long time ago - there was a magnificent island! Many men fought and died in the glorious battle for its riches and spoils... this is not that island!

We proudly presents: " ME ISLAND!" - a Bismuth.dk production made doing the INDIEJAM Summer Gamejam 2015!

Release your inner caveman and battle for supreme dominance of your own piece of island! Why are they here? What is so special about this island? Nobody knows, but they sure do have some strong feelings about it!

  • Support of both single-screen multiplayer and network play!
  • Keep other cavemen off your island with your club!
  • Jump on your competition! It makes them dizzy and easy to club off the edge!
  • PRO TIP: Cavemen har extremely afraid of water and activities in it will result in a quick death!

Why are you still (or even) reading this? GO GET YOUR F%¤#ING ISLAND!

... oh, by the way... ITS MY ISLAND!!!

Install instructions

Run the included .exe file and follow the instructions on the screen. All necessary libraries and distributables are included in the package.


MeIslandSetup.exe 13 MB

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